All shades of denim in new Cropp DNM RMX collection

The denim pieces that Cropp brand proposes this year are the universal summary of all essential denim trends.

During its 150 year long history, denim gained the status of fashion classic, that to this day follows its own rules. Even though we saw it many times both in elegant and in more wild forms, this season Cropp designers decided to give it another big comeback. That’s how they created DNM RMX collection, summing up all the big denim trends in a new arrangements.

Denim propositions for her include universal picks: trousers, jackets, shirts and skirts. There are eye-catching colors and details – from white denim, through light and darker shades of blue, to deep black. To create complete outfits there are also essential accessories, in which you can find heavy boots or jeans “bucket hats”.

DNM RMX for him includes a number of styles that will go with every day outfits. Noteworthy are various cuts of denim trousers - from joggers to straight legs fits - and universal jackets in shades of beige or gray. Denim proposals are completed by a range of printed sweatshirts, flannel shirts and baseball caps, which are the urban bestsellers that Cropp is famous for.

Collection DNM RMX is promoted by a 60-second long video that shows denim propositions in a dozen different views. For girls, the denim plays a main role, which can be seen easily in the set connecting three different shades. Denim clothes for him were used as casual styling elements worn with sweatshirts or flannel shirt.

Video: Michał Piotrowski / LPP
Hair and makeup: Sandra Sentowska
Stylization: Mateusz Miszkiewicz, Przemysław Kamiński, Joanna Luiza Pawlikowska, Agata Rzeźnik / Cropp Team
Models: Valeryia Siarhuskova, Tomasz Kurek
Artistic concept and care: Bartłomiej Stefanowicz / Cropp Team
Production: Arkadiusz Dudkowski / Cropp Team

Additional information:

CROPP is a clothing brand for the young individuals who are open-minded and world-curious, who show their point of view and manifest their independence through their clothes. The collections mark out with their youthful design inspired by the street art, urban sport disciplines and music. CROPP is the urban brand that feels best in the street, clubs, everywhere the young people want to show their style and original idea to show themselves off. 

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Lidia Sambor
Project Manager
Marketing Cropp,
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