This summer, HOUSE’s designers have prepared a men's collection that’s characteristic of the summer holidays, dominated by faded colours, an easy-going surfer attitude and a retro atmosphere straight from the 50s.

"Once in Waikiki" is heavily inspired by Hawaii and tropical climates, a collection that is characteristic of the summer holidays. The whole is held together in a vintage atmosphere and is clearly influenced by the surfer style of the 50s.

The colours of the collection are faded, reminiscent of old polaroid photos, and on the prints and photo prints there are palm trees, surfers, nostalgic sunsets and typically retro typography.

The collection is primarily made up of all types of T-shirts and tank tops with prints, and there are also some short-sleeved plaid shirts, all of them in soft, faded colours: browns, russets, reds and sky blues. Additionally, the collection is full of shorts and bermudas - beach, military or safari in style - with large, spacious pockets or classic denim, either tied at the waist or with braces.

For clothing from the latest collection, HOUSE warmly invites you to its stores. 

Additional Information:

HOUSE – is a brand of youth, creativity and courage, inspiring to find an own, unique style. Created for people with a sense of humor who value authenticity and comfort in fashion. If you love good fun and the latest trends, then we are for you!


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