RESERVED spring / summer 2013 collection is the first one of the “Be Inspired” concept.

After a great success of previous “Beautiful Story” campaigns people behind the label decided to create something fresh and new. RESERVED is a brand created by outstanding individuals, fixed on the latest trends fashion lovers who express themselves with a personal sense of style. In their everyday life they noticed that, contrary to glamorous 80’s and pompous 90’s with unreachable icons and over-the-top looks, modern hype is actually among young, urban crowd, developing its personal interests and in a constant search for true inspirations. That’s how the idea for a communication platform “Be inspired” emerged.

The designers want to inspire, but also want to see beautiful outfits in the streets. The “Be Inspired” concept encourages people to express their personality through everyday fashion and to do it on a daily basis.

“Be inspired” are also new beautiful pieces in stores. The spring / summer collection 2013 is offering even more outstanding outfits. Blogger style and high fashion designs are the main inspirations for this collection. With the new pieces you can both make bold fashion statements or be casually cool.

The face of the latest campaign is one of the hottest models in the industry – Cara Delevingne. Cara is a beautiful girl with fierce personality. Her amazing popularity among the biggest names in the fashion world made her the “it” girl in a glimpse of an eye. She is now considered top model and top - shelf designers fight over her appearance on their shows. Among the brands that she has strut the fashion shows for, she can list Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana or Fendi. Her amazing pictures also made it big on Tumblr and other hip social platforms.

This twenty one-year-old model in-demand happily agreed to become the face of the latest RESERVED collection. The photo shoot took place in Miami. The pictures were taken both in the hot streets of this amazing city and surrounded by the modern American architecture. The effect of this work is one of the most beautiful and inspiring campaigns of the season.

Man’s collection was presented by gorgeous model Dominique Melchior.

Additional information:

RESERVED is a clothing brand whose women's, men's and children's collections are available in 10 European markets. The very first showroom under the brand was opened in Poland in the mid-1990s. Up till today more than 330 showrooms have been established whose customers can find clothes of quality and latest design. RESERVED is also involved in promotion of gifted designers. Hence it emphasizes its being a brand for those who value world trends at reasonable price.



For more information please contact:

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