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Eclectic Street - iconic urban outfits from Sinsay.

Sinsay starts spring with a collection addressed to exceptional women. Eclecticism in fashion is a trend that allows you to combine various trends in an original way. If you love the urban style and are not afraid of bold fashion solutions, this collection will surely appeal to you.

In Eclectic Street you will find many classics that will work both in the office and during a spring walk through city streets and parks. The most intense aspect here is the colors - cool beige, black, and white intertwined with juicy lime and expressive fuchsia. This collection is a real treat for fans of timeless cuts with a slight twist, including trench coats (from PLN 139.99), white shirts (from PLN 49.99), suit trousers (from PLN 79.99), mini-skirts (from PLN 49.99) or turtleneck sweaters (from PLN 69.99).

Such bold combinations require appropriate supplementation in the form of accessories. Sports shoes (from PLN 89.99), moccasins on a thick sole (from PLN 129.99), a cap (from PLN 19.99) and even hair ties (from PLN 15.99) are elements that will help you perfect your dream style. You also need a handbag - quilted (from PLN 69.99), baguette (from PLN 49.99), or a small trunk (from PLN 39.99), of course in matching colors.

Start your adventure with fashion eclecticism with Sinsay - you can find the Eclectic Street collection in selected stationary stores, at, and in the application.

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Sinsay responds to the needs of its customers by offering them the latest trends at attractive prices. The variety of our collection allows you to freely create fashionable styles for any occasion. We design lines that are a daily source of inspiration for teenagers and young women, as well as men who prefer a casual urban style. Among the brand's proposals there are also comfortable and functional clothes for mothers as well as charming products and accessories for children. Sinsay's offer is complemented by interior design elements and a line of cosmetics for make-up and care.


Magdalena Szcześniak-Ambroziak
Marketing SiNSAY
tel.: +48 798 805 566

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