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Summer holiday is the only time of the year when you can totally do whatever you like and wherever you like. No plans, no musings, no worries – just enjoy the summer on your terms and DARE TO BE WHEREVER!

House's latest campaign is about a group of friends’ summer holidays. It's a story with a background in aimless wandering around, chilling and enjoying the few summer months.

‘We are targeting this campaign at young people, for whom the most important thing in summer is the atmosphere – and ideas for the rest come by themselves. We wanted to emphasise that what matters more than where and how you spend your summer vacations is your ease, comfort and your own needs’ – says Alicja Małejki, Marketing Coordinator at House brand.


So dare to live this summer the way you want – alone or in company; at home, on a palm-fringed beach or in a hot, bustling city. No need to fit in with an imposed framework, no need to explain your decisions – if the best summer for you is hanging around the city – great! If you prefer to spend the whole day on the beach – that's just as well! Or maybe it's during vacations that you gain courage to do things you usually put off all year?

Summer with House means festivals, spontaneous trips with the team and new activities; it also means slow walks, time with a book on a hammock and ice-cream from your favourite stand. These are strong colors – juicy orange, intense pink, deep blue and eye-catching neons. It is crazy prints of Hawaiian flowers and chequered pattern, T-shirts with graphic prints and accessories that match every holiday styling: sunglasses, hats, bags and flip flops.

It is also mainly swimsuits in girly, bold or more sporty versions. They are complemented with dresses and bodysuits with interesting cut-outs, crop tops on thin straps, colourful sets made of soft knitwear and loose shorts. The men's collection by House includes shorts in neon shades and matching loose, basic sleeveless shirts. You can also choose T-shirts with strong graphic applications. You will also find interesting tie-dye denim for him and for her.

This is the summer you've been waiting for all year. Spend it the way you want: DARE TO BE WHEREVER!



Production Company: Visual Crafters
Executive Producer: Mateusz Mizgalski
Producers: Angelika Maik, Agata Śliwińska
Creative Concept: Visual Crafters | Eliza Dunajska, Ilona Matsiyeuskaya
Photographer: Maksym Rudnik
Director: Ivan Bambalin
DOP: Bohdan Borysenko
House Brand Marketing Team: Alicja Małejki
Stylist: Agnieszka Rusinek-Jakubowicz
Assistant Stylist: Emilia Bondaryk
Hair & Make-up Artist: Katarzyna Biel
Photographers Assistant: Antuan Becker
Local Fixer: Karol Świdziński

Retouch: Paweł Derkacz
Editor & Colorist: Ivan Bambalin

Gaia / Two Management
Jacques / Select Model
Mykeesha / Kult Models

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Additional Information:

HOUSE – is a brand of youth, creativity and courage, inspiring to find an own, unique style. Created for people with a sense of humor who value authenticity and comfort in fashion. If you love good fun and the latest trends, then we are for you!

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