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MOHITO Carnival Collection STUDIO PARTY AW 2019

Sparkle, energy and fun! The party and carnival season is just around the corner! The inspiration to create this year's MOHITO collection were the expressive 1980s. The carnival collection is a combination of fashionable, shiny textures and classic feminine charm.

The main theme of the MOHITO carnival collection is, on the one hand, soft palette of black and shades of silver and, on the other hand, energetic electric blue and romantic feathers.

Admirers of sequins will be able to choose from many options. This season, MOHITO gives you a few suggestions that won't let you take your eyes off them, like a dazzling silver midi dress, emphasizing the shape of the figure, with a fancifully frayed hem – simply made for dancing. Other proposals include a mini dress with long sleeves or a fantastic mini skirt. Both silver and decorated with an interesting detail at thigh level. A black set, blouse and skirt, sparkling with black sequins arranged in a zigzag pattern is also noteworthy. This carnival, you can bet on total looks. MOHITO offers a lurex jumpsuit with a perfectly emphasized waist. Let's not forget that the carnival also means a classic little black dress, or a set of black trousers with a delicate top. Such a set is worth combining with a silver, sequin jacket.

Admirers of bolder options will welcome an elegant mini dress with the hem decorated with beautiful feathers. The same element can be found in an elegant top, perfectly matching classic black trousers. This season you won't be able to pass by the electric blue colour indifferently. MOHITO offers an extraordinary top with straps, a blouse with chiffon puffs and stunning artificial fur - all in electric blue. A very interesting proposal is also a short black dress with dangling beads of the same colour that romantically wave in motion.

A carnival look would be nothing without the right accessories with beautiful crystals, used for long and stylish earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Because carnival must shine!

Photography: Paulina Wesołowska
Model: Ina Hennig
Hair: Piotr Wasiński
Make up: Gosia Sulima
Stylization: MOHITO
Production: Papaya Films 

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Additional information:

The MOHITO brand has been developed for those young women who love fashion and who value original, urban elegance. MOHITO’s designers create their collections for self-confident women, aware of their advantages, who like to dress with a little bit of simplicity and nonchalance, both stylish and feminine.  MOHITO emphasises femininity and offers a look that is full of energy and goes along with world fashion trends. Dressed in MOHITO you will look perfect both at work and after hours. A broad range of fashionable MOHITO clothes and accessories for women is available in more than 300 stores all over Poland and abroad.

For more information contact:

Marceli Zwierzyński
MOHITO Brand Experience Coordinator

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