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Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna and MOHITO hand in hand for the environment

#MOHITOCARES is a co-operation between Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna and MOHITO, which aim is to support the environment. Within the action, every item which has been sold with the label MOHITO CARES will result in one tree planted by the brand.

MOHITO is all for the balanced fashion and continues its project of making clothes out of environment-friendly materials. Items labeled as MOHITO CARES were made with the use of certified fabrics among which LENZING™ ECOVERO™, TENCEL™ MODAL or TENCEL™ LYOCELL can be found; MOHITO also offers organic cotton pieces. This way the company highlights its need of care for the environment, and thus its actions combine fashion and ecology.

The action is advertised with the photoshoot by Marcin Hryniewicz, and which a Polish star Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna took part in. Paulina, who is a mother and a socially-involved person, is sensitive to the issue of climate changes and how to improve the living conditions of us and our children. Her passion, apart from journalism and music, is the healthy lifestyle and fashion. Her involvement in what currently happens around us and consciousness of the changes which are about to come, she decided to join MOHITO’s charity action. The idea behind #mohitocares is indeed close to her heart.

I know that it is sometimes easy to forget about our impact on the environment while running everyday life. That's why it is so important to develop and implement good practice and consciously choose balanced fashion. It is good to choose brands and ideas which have an actual influence on our life and health, support them and purchase things consciously”, says Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna.

MOHITO aims to make a real effort to react against climate changes. The initiative of planting trees is a perfect solution to improve our climate. The upcoming and future season may result in MOHITO planting approximately up to 200 thousand trees in Poland. How many exactly? It depends on the Clients who can increase the number of cuttings by buying products labelled with a tag MOHITO CARES.

We try to minimize the adverse effect of our everyday actions. Now, less than a year after implementing paper bags into Mohito stationery stores, we want to make a step forward. We want to increase the green areas, which can be possible thanks to the involvement of our Clients. This fall we will plant trees in Kraków and Gdańsk, and in spring more cities will join. We do care for our planet. Our Clients' involvement in all of the charity actions that we held in the past was enormous. We truly believe that they will support our idea again by buying items with MOHITO CARES label and that we will be able to plant more trees on their behalf”, says MOHITO marketing manager Justyna Para.

In order to reduce the amount of produced trash and decrease the use of natural resources, only natural, certified fabrics and polyester from recycled materials like PET bottles or plastic packagings are used to make items in the MOHITO CARES line. Textiles used in MOHITO CARES include lyocell and modal fabric, which are bio-degradable and made of plant cellulose. Production of lyocell is conducted in the mode of the closed cycle, i.e. eco-friendly. Modal fiber is made of a renewable source: raw beechen wood obtained from the balanced forest areas. Among the materials in the offer products made of organic cotton can also be found. Production of this fabric is conducted with no chemicals and with a restricted amount of the water used. What is more, cotton used for MOHITO CARES is hand-picked and cleaned with natural detergents. Fabrics from MOHITO CARES line do not irritate the sensitive skin and are hypoallergenic, thus do not cause any allergic reactions.


Model: Paulina Sykut-Jeżyna
Photography artist: Marcin Hryniewicz
Stylization and production: MOHITO
Hair: Piotr Wasiński
Make-up: Aga Wilk

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The MOHITO brand has been developed for those young women who love fashion and who value original, urban elegance. MOHITO’s designers create their collections for self-confident women, aware of their advantages, who like to dress with a little bit of simplicity and nonchalance, both stylish and feminine.  MOHITO emphasises femininity and offers a look that is full of energy and goes along with world fashion trends. Dressed in MOHITO you will look perfect both at work and after hours. A broad range of fashionable MOHITO clothes and accessories for women is available in more than 300 stores all over Poland and abroad.

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Marceli Zwierzyński
MOHITO Brand Experience Coordinator

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