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House has the good news for all denim lovers. On August 15, DENIM DAYS starts in the e-shop and stores. In the AW19 season there will be a lot of classic and timeless models and many new products that surprise not only with their form, but also with their composition. Feel the jeans on your own skin!

DENIM DAYS AW19 is a nostalgic return to the aesthetics of the '90s, where jeans took various shapes. Women's fits, such as high waist, loose mom and culotte, as well as flare jeans, are hits of this season. The important element of the collection are jackets, and the most characteristic are oversized jackets made of light, washed denim and those with a lots of pockets, which is one of the most important autumn trends. Particularly noteworthy is the jacket for her with decorative buttons on the back, referring to the trend of creative transformation of old clothes into new ones. The offer also includes 90’s dungarees, experiencing a second fashion youth and pencil skirts.

Among the proposals for him are pants with fashionable retro cuts - carrot and straight as well as fitted skinny and slim jeans. Of course, you cannot miss a jacket with faux fur lining and their lighter variations. The stylizations are ruled by minimalism, but also monochromatic looks. The colors of women's and men's collections at House are above all well-known shades of blue. In addition, a wide selection of black jeans is available, and beige and cream colors are the novelty.

House has prepared an unique action for you. For each pair of jeans you buy, you will receive an eco T-shirt for 1 PLN. After all, there is no more timeless look than a pair of jeans combined with a white T-shirt. The promotion lasts from 15 to 25 August and applies to both stores and e-shop. There is one more surprise at - a jeans guide, thanks to which you can easily find the perfect fit for yourself.

In the interests of the environment, jeans made from organic cotton and models made from recycled denim have been added to the collection. Choosing those products you can help to reduce the amount of chemicals and waste as well as energy consumption.

The ecological nature of DENIM DAYS AW19 is promoted by a photo session which focus on closeness - not only between people, but also between man and nature. The models surrounded by paper and plants present minimalist stylizations prepared by Janek Kryszczak. Behind the lens, once again stood Bartek Wieczorek, whose photos bring out the sensuality of denim. In addition, unique "jeans" animations were created by Ania Augustynowicz.

Feel your jeans at


Photographer and director: Bartek Wieczorek | LAF
Maresz Miciuła | AS MANAGEMENT
Mateusz Chudy | AS MANAGEMENT
Stylizations: Janek Kryszczak | ART FACES
Hair & make up: Iza Kućmierowska | Das Agency
Production: LAF
Production supervision: House Brand

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HOUSE – is a brand of youth, creativity and courage, inspiring to find an own, unique style. Created for people with a sense of humor who value authenticity and comfort in fashion. If you love good fun and the latest trends, then we are for you!

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