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Limited Collection MOHITO X Barbie

This very year, Barbie, one of the greatest pop culture icons, celebrates her 60th birthday! The most recognizable and desired doll in the world has inspired and been inspired with, the mass culture which allows her to change her image over and over again. During the last few decades, Barbie kept on paying tribute to the heroines of their times by breaking down the barriers and not caring about the risks. Today Barbie is a symbol of variety which makes her a role model and an inspiration to be whoever one wants to be.

Brand designers from MOHITO and Mattel company have decided to join their forces and celebrate the birthday of Barbie by creating a unique limited collection.

Imprints on the attention-drawing monochromatic background with a slight accent of color were given the leading. The offer includes a series of t-shirts decorated with modern portraits of Barbie, also, jumper and skirt with linear graphic print and an interesting micro-pattern which covers the dress.

Barbie of the modern era is a self-confident, mature and up-to-date, who is familiar with the trends, but makes her fashion choices in accordance with her personal style. Keeping this fact in their mind, MOHITO designers opted for the collection of items which can be easily matched with one another as well as with other pieces from the regular brand line. Feminine urban style inspired with Barbie sets denim with comfy tees, jumpers with boyfriend pants, sports shoes, and tracksuits or knee-length dress with low and comfortable kitten heels. Of course, brand designers couldn't omit the irreplaceable trench which is a perfect complement to every sports and elegant outfit. And the cherry on the top: accessories. 60's style cascade necklaces and large earrings will seal the deal.

Outfits and accessories from Barbie collection will be available in selected MOHITO boutiques around Poland as well as in the e-store after the first half of March 2019.

Photos: Aldona Karczmarczyk
Video: Michał Palikot
Model: Angelika Barańska/ D’ivision
Stylization: Michał Koszek
Make-up: Aga Wilk
Hair: Emil Zed
Production: Van Dorsen Artists
Creative idea: MOHITO 

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Additional information:

The MOHITO brand has been developed for those young women who love fashion and who value original, urban elegance. MOHITO’s designers create their collections for self-confident women, aware of their advantages, who like to dress with a little bit of simplicity and nonchalance, both stylish and feminine.  MOHITO emphasises femininity and offers a look that is full of energy and goes along with world fashion trends. Dressed in MOHITO you will look perfect both at work and after hours. A broad range of fashionable MOHITO clothes and accessories for women is available in more than 300 stores all over Poland and abroad.

For more information contact:

Marceli Zwierzyński
MOHITO Brand Experience Coordinator

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