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The beginning of fall enters the salons with trends leaning towards vivid colors and strong accents. Brand designers decided to bet on clear in form and multicolor bold stripes as the highlight of the most recent collection. The pattern appears on shirts, dresses and skirts. When set with lacquered hip bag or yellow sweater, they give an effect of sporty elegance in the city. Outfits are additionally defined by bold materials and cuts; the range of options includes laced black jeans or pants with button-down legs with side stripes. The collection is complemented by a line of convenient accessories, among which such items as backpacks and over-the-ankle ankle boots can be found. Gauzy scarf and large round earrings add a touch of lightness to the presented outfits.

Fall/winter collection by MOHITO doesn't lack propositions of boho outfits with rock vibe, in which burgundy-and-pink check was set with floral pattern and sensual lace. Floral accents appear not only as a print on dresses, but also as jaquard cloth in sweaters or as an embroidery. The collection is complemented with cozy gray semi-turtlenecks and trendy accessories, like cascade necklaces, striped flat cap or belts with decorative buckle. Denim jacket with furry collar and shimmering rhinestones and denim bell-bottoms gives the retro vibe to the collection.

Model: Masha Rudenko
Photographer: Marcin Hryniewicz
Video: Michał Piotrowski
Hair/Makeup: Piotr Wasiński/Agnieszka Wilk
Creative production, production, stylization: MOHITO 

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The MOHITO brand has been developed for those young women who love fashion and who value original, urban elegance. MOHITO’s designers create their collections for self-confident women, aware of their advantages, who like to dress with a little bit of simplicity and nonchalance, both stylish and feminine.  MOHITO emphasises femininity and offers a look that is full of energy and goes along with world fashion trends. Dressed in MOHITO you will look perfect both at work and after hours. A broad range of fashionable MOHITO clothes and accessories for women is available in more than 300 stores all over Poland and abroad.

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Marceli Zwierzyński
MOHITO Brand Experience Coordinator

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