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Cropp in the remix world – #WeAreCropp

The latest Cropp campaign is a strong stylistic statement bound to shake everyone out of their winter sleep. The new commercial makes online and offline worlds merge, giving centre stage to strong characters and their passions. #WeAreCropp is targeted at all those who wish to keep pace with the dynamic world without losing their unique individuality.

The campaign draws on various sources of inspiration: from streetwear and minimalism to futurism and industrial fashion. #WeAreCropp does not simply seek to introduce the new collection; more than anything else, it is an excuse to present the gradual changes that the brand has been introducing to its image.


The collection is targeted at young people who, despite their constant online presence, want more from life than celebrity status on social media. Cropp refuses to pigeonhole its target group as smartphone-obsessed Millenials. The brand has designed a collection for engaged people who want to create their own style rather than blindly follow the trends and fashions of the modern world.


The campaign rests on a premise that today, in the new era of remixing, when cultural meanings and contexts are continually redefined, everyone can be at once the creator and the audience. The trend is particularly evident in the world of fashion where the past continues to inspire the present in new ways. The classic combines with the modern and everyone is free to interpret current trends. The Cropp collection reflects this trend: the outfits do not dominate, but rather serve to bring out the strong personalities of the characters of the campaign. It's not the style that defines the people, it's the people that define the style.


Even though the characters in the campaign are all different, they all share a similar energy, power, and passion. Their stylizations are modern, if not futuristic. An austere design emphasizes the functional nature of the collection: the clothes do not cramp their style. In this way, Cropp responds to the modern need to lead a lifestyle that is as authentic and active as possible. Everyone has their passion and their own unique style.


The video bubbles over with energy, with a fast plot set on the borderline between the virtual and the real. Characters have an online presence but also continue to be defined by the "here and now". The brand wanted to create an interesting collection in response to these current trends.


The characters of the campaign are also distinguished by their sceptical approach to aesthetic norms, the dictates of fashion, and their own appearance. They want to be themselves and couldn't care less about what others think. It's not online likes that determine their worth but the passion and the freedom that drive them every day.

Director: Florian Malak
Camera: Kamil Płocki
Photos: Marcin Hryniewicz /LPP
Art Director: Sławomir Marynkowski, Bartłomiej Stefanowicz / CROPP TEAM
Stylizations: Ewelina Gralak
Camera Assistant: Michał Cholewiński
Production: AF Photo, Arkadiusz Dudkowski /CROPP TEAM
Post-production: MIŁO Postproduction
Marketing Manager: Rafał Dąbrowski

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Additional information:

CROPP is a clothing brand for the young individuals who are open-minded and world-curious, who show their point of view and manifest their independence through their clothes. The collections mark out with their youthful design inspired by the street art, urban sport disciplines and music. CROPP is the urban brand that feels best in the street, clubs, everywhere the young people want to show their style and original idea to show themselves off. 

For more information contact:

Lidia Sambor
Project Manager
Marketing Cropp,
Ph. +48 665 850 043

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