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HERoes, a colourful SiNSAY campaign about girly superpowers

SiNSAY has started a campaign full of real girl-power on its Instagram channel. A series of photographs taken in Cape Town tells the story of four extraordinary girls with a unique style, passion and... superpower.

The HERoes campaign is a tribute to young superheroes and their uniqueness. A session with four colourful girls was made to encourage girls to look for their strengths. Each of them has a different way to express herself, her passions and unique style, but they are united by friendship and awareness that girls can achieve everything. Their energy, creativity and distance to the world were perfectly captured by the spring campaign’s photographer – Sonia Szóstak.

The heroines of the latest SiNSAY story are four friends. The first one is a natural trendsetter. She has a sense of style and natural charisma. She does not follow trends, she sets them. The next girl is a cute food lover. She knows all the fairs and the best restaurants in the city. She loves superfoods and pizza with mac & cheese equally. Geek-girl is crazy about new technologies, sci-fi and unicorns. She beats the most seasoned console gamers and is learning to code. Our fourth heroine is a real rebel. An artistic soul who always speaks her mind and is not afraid to go against the current.

The HERoes express their extraordinary superpowers with clothes from the new SiNSAY collection. Outfits prepared by Ewelina Gralak serve as a great inspiration to all girls looking for a fashion identity. For enthusiasts of bold ensembles we have prepared a huge dose of denim, which will be coveted this season – original jackets and western-style ragged trousers. Fans of the romantic look will be pleased with the wide range of flowing, flowery dresses, spotted blouses and pastel shorts. Vertical stripes are an absolute must this spring. These can be found on oversize shirts as delicate red or light blue stripes, and on trousers and blazers as distinctive stripes. A broad selection of accessories will underline the individual character of each outfit.

Download campaign photos:


Sinsay responds to the needs of its customers by offering them the latest trends at attractive prices. The variety of our collection allows you to freely create fashionable styles for any occasion. We design lines that are a daily source of inspiration for teenagers and young women, as well as men who prefer a casual urban style. Among the brand's proposals there are also comfortable and functional clothes for mothers as well as charming products and accessories for children. Sinsay's offer is complemented by interior design elements and a line of cosmetics for make-up and care.


Magdalena Szcześniak-Ambroziak
Marketing SiNSAY
tel.: +48 798 805 566

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