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For the 2017 autumn/winter season, SiNSAY decided to stage a surprise by inviting several of the young faces on Polish Instagram. The SiNSAY squad consists of Pola Bogdańska, Julia Janulewicz, Lila Janowska and Paulina Gabrielyan, four girls who have accepted the exciting challenge under the hashtag #KTOJAKNIEJA.

The end of summer and the start of a new season is an ideal time for changes and resolutions. This autumn, SiNSAY is the label for girls who love themselves, enjoy life and value true emotions. The latest campaign presents each of the protagonists with a challenge that will require endurance, training and self-confidence. Under the watchful eye of personal coaches and mentors, Pola, Lila, Julia and Paulina prepare for the challenge, hoping to show spectacular results in the final photo shoot.

#KTOJAKNIEJA illustrates the power of female friendship and intimacy, as well as the exceptional and diverse personalities of SiNSAY girls. Optimism, energy and the courage to achieve one’s innermost desires are the main concepts that inspired the project’s creators. These guiding themes find a perfect match in the stylizations prepared by Ewelina Gralak. Crazy outfits presented by our girls combine an individual touch with the hottest trends of the season.

The SiNSAY campaign consists of Instagram videos, each focused on one girl as she faces her own special challenge. Web communication is further supported by various photographs and teasers that introduce the theme of #KTOJAKNIEJA. The team behind the project is mostly composed of young women. Videos were directed by Anna Bajorek and photographs are the work of Justyna Dudek.

The cooperation between SiNSAY and the influencers won’t end with the photo shoot and video campaign; the girls can already be admired live on Instagram during the recording process. And after the campaign is launched, they will be actively involved in brand communication on social media. SiNSAY will also announce a special contest under the hashtag #KTOJAKNIEJA for any clients who are up for the challenge.

The campaign was masterminded by Brand Manager Grzegorz Chyła and its Creative Director is Piotr Spodnik from the AFPHOTO agency, also responsible for production.


Pola Bogdańska
Julia Janulewicz
Lila Janowska
Paulina Gabrielyan

SiNSAY Brand Manager: Grzegorz Chyła
SiNSAY Creative Team: Marta Lickiewicz, Jaśmina Sołtysiak, Bartosz Szymkowiak

Creative Director: Piotr Spodnik / AFPHOTO
Director: Ania Bajorek
Assistant Director: Tymon Nogalski
Camera Operator: Marcin Morawicki
Camera Assistants: Paweł Fifek, Tomasz Czerwiński, Tomasz Bartosik
Editing: Krzysztof Komader
Sound postproduction: Błażej Kafarski / Głośno
Music: Upright
Color grading: Ania Sujka / Lunapark

Lighting: Robert Stawicki / Heliograf

Photography: Justyna Dudek / AFPHOTO
Photography Assistant: Jerzy Dudek

Styling: Ewelina Gralak
Styling Assistant: Ewelina Oszczypała

Make-up: Gosia Sulima / AFPHOTO
Make-up Assistant: Monika Fetela

Hair Styling: Gor Duryan / AFPHOTO
Hair Styling Assistant: Gabryiela Pacholarz

Production Manager: Kamila Ławniczuk / AFPHOTO
Producer: Aleksandra Wiecha / AFPHOTO
Production Assistants: Tomasz Sulima, Adrian Obręczarek, Kuba Skirmutt.

Personal coaches:
Katarzyna Hajdan
Anna Bogunia
Karolina Koszewska-Łukasik
Natalia Nguyen

Download campaign photos:


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Magdalena Szcześniak-Ambroziak
Marketing SiNSAY
tel.: +48 798 805 566

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