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5 new MOHITO scents

MOHITO introduces five completely new, unique scents: Diva, Black, Lovers Delight, Touch of Love and Magnifique. Sensual perfumes complement elegant outfits and shiny accessories perfectly. New scents will be available in stores as well as online at www.

Diva scents reveals opening green notes gently blend with deep aroma of plum. Elusive flowery tones of jasmine flower, rose and lily of the valley with sweet vanilla on gentle base Tasmanian musk wood give in final effect a harmonized scent. Beautiful design of atomizer bottle will change each use in a luxurious ritual.

BLACK uncovers the oriental-fruity face of MOHITO scents. Juicy notes of sweet peach and tangy raspberries go hand in hand with energetic bergamot orange. Jasmine flower and sensual rose based on creamy pillar of sandalwood. Rich musky tones paired with sweet vanilla and warm aromas of tonka beans complete the creamy softness of the perfumed mist.

Another scent - LOVERS DELIGHT is a fresh composition of green freesia and invigorating citrus fruits. Flowery bouquet of magnolia, light cherry blossom on firm base of musk with woody tones would fire up all the senses.

TOUCH OF LOVE – charming composition based on rich bouquet of jasmine flower, invigorating freesia and sweet orange blossom. Tangy tune of bergamot, sun-kissed mandarin fruit and apple create in effect fresh and invigorating blend complemented perfectly with rich tones musk and vanilla.

MAGNIFIQUE – an extremely addictive scent of charm introduced with tangy tones of mandarin fruit and spicy pink pepper which gently morph into the blend of coffee and jasmine flower in the note of heart. Sweet sensual vanilla blends with patchouli and precious luxury ambergris, creating warm and deeply sensual finish.


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The MOHITO brand has been developed for those young women who love fashion and who value original, urban elegance. MOHITO’s designers create their collections for self-confident women, aware of their advantages, who like to dress with a little bit of simplicity and nonchalance, both stylish and feminine.  MOHITO emphasises femininity and offers a look that is full of energy and goes along with world fashion trends. Dressed in MOHITO you will look perfect both at work and after hours. A broad range of fashionable MOHITO clothes and accessories for women is available in more than 300 stores all over Poland and abroad.

For more information contact:

Marceli Zwierzyński
MOHITO Brand Experience Coordinator

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