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The latest House campaign follows a once popular band on a tour around the US, accompanying the musicians in their bid to return to the stage and win back fame. We meet them in Las Vegas, the city where the only thing you have to gain or lose is everything.

A band of music veterans criss-cross America on the legendary Route 66 and take a detour to Las Vegas to play their first concert in years. Their rock’n’roll life in the city consists of all-night parties with fans, hotel brawls, adventures that end at a memorable police station, and squandering money on earthly pleasures. We also witness the unplanned wedding of the band’s drummer to a defiant and beautiful fan who joins the band of marauding musicians.

The exceptionally atmospheric and expressive shots for the new campaign were taken by the renowned Polish photographer, Rafał Milach. The collages tap into the eclectic style of Las Vegas, combining the aesthetics of the city of neon signs, casinos and gambling with a natural atmosphere. The latest edition of the campaign again infuses photography with visual elements inspired by the setting.

The campaign is rounded off by a video shot against the background of “Dick’s Back in Town”, composed and performed by D4D. Envisioned by the fantastic Bart Pogoda, the film aptly renders the vintage feel of the collection and the spirit of the city.

Fashion styling is the work of the young and talented Ewelina Gralak, the hand behind the image of many youth brands, such as Local Heroes and Prosto; Gosia Sulima was responsible for hair styling and make-up. Bartek Szymkowiak and the manager of House, Grzegorz Chyła, together supervised the creative side of the campaign. The session was produced by the AFPHOTO Talents’ Representative agency.

The debut of the spring collection is accompanied by the launch of a new version of the official website The atmosphere of Las Vegas was faithfully reproduced in House’s window displays by Dagmara Gałecka.

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HOUSE – is a brand of youth, creativity and courage, inspiring to find an own, unique style. Created for people with a sense of humor who value authenticity and comfort in fashion. If you love good fun and the latest trends, then we are for you!

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