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CROPP’s ladies lookbook for the coming autumn is out. In it, as always, the brand presents the best of the collection – this time it’s the contrasting combination of various styles and the latest trends to be found in the CROPP salons.

CROPP’s lookbook includes the most important trends of the autumn collection, such as a combination of girly skirts and Romantic flowery patterns with biker jackets and wheat-coloured ankle boots, grunge checks, tight geometric cuts, black&white patters and images of funny cats put together with the evergreen galaxy motif. There is the standard CROPP sporty look as well, with its distinct typography and comfortable styles, hooded sweatshirts and comfy sweatpants.

The colours are heavily rooted in contrasts – black&white with added red and fun, colourful accents. In the lookbook you will also find early autumn accessories such as knitted hats and gold-coloured metal jewellery.

The author of the lookbook styles is Dorota Boruń and the whole session was produced by the Shootme agency.

All of the clothes that you can find in the autumn lookbook are already available in CROPP salons across Poland.

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Additional information:

CROPP is a clothing brand for the young individuals who are open-minded and world-curious, who show their point of view and manifest their independence through their clothes. The collections mark out with their youthful design inspired by the street art, urban sport disciplines and music. CROPP is the urban brand that feels best in the street, clubs, everywhere the young people want to show their style and original idea to show themselves off. 

For more information contact:

Lidia Sambor
Project Manager
Marketing Cropp,
Ph. +48 665 850 043

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