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You can see here the influence of sports and minimalist lines. There are white and black colors enriched with grey mélanges and shiny silver prints and accessories. Iridescent qualities, coatings, leather elements, contrasting blocks of color, transparency, sports nets, text prints and perforated fabric - these elements are characteristic for the stylings of this line.


In this trend we can notice modern forms with a little bit of gentle romanticism. Fresh spring white, light beige, powdery rose and blue are the colors that appear here. This palette of colors harmonizes perfectly with lace and openwork elements, structural fabrics and 3D knitwear. A characteristic feature of accessories are perforations.


The trend is full of play with forms, ethnic prints and combining textures and colors. Features such as folk embroidery, jacquards, washed-out qualities, worn denim, pastel camouflage or geometric tribal motifs definitely characterize Urban Folk stylizations. The term mix of inspirations perfectly defines this trend.

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RESERVED is a clothing brand whose women's, men's and children's collections are available in 10 European markets. The very first showroom under the brand was opened in Poland in the mid-1990s. Up till today more than 330 showrooms have been established whose customers can find clothes of quality and latest design. RESERVED is also involved in promotion of gifted designers. Hence it emphasizes its being a brand for those who value world trends at reasonable price.


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Agata Krajewska
Koordynator ds. PR RESERVED
mobile: +48 571 448 303

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