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The college style, highly popular this season, has gained a bolder, more rock and grunge touch. For colder days HOUSE has prepared a collection of pieces that may be easily combined into a warm, multi-layer outfit inspired by the grunge style of 1990s, spiced up with rock-style studs and metal elements.

The latest women’s autumn collection by HOUSE offers clothes inspired by grunge and the bold rock style. Typical motifs of the collection include checked patterns, studs, chains and metal skulls, as well as large college style numerals – all accompanied by denim and warm fabrics.

For the autumn season we suggest a multi-layer silhouette with more fitted bottom pieces and looser tops: thick melange sweaters, looser sweaters with a shorter frontal part or flannel shirts combined with skinny jeans. HOUSE plays with contrasts - combining thick knitted fabrics with studs or adding sleeves made of eco leather to warm jackets and coats.

The collection’s jackets are mostly fashionable military parkas and warm motorcycle jackets. They are perfectly complemented by rock-style accessories: studded gloves, bags made of eco leather and matching shoes - jodhpur and worker boots.

The clothes from the latest autumn HOUSE collection may be found in our stores all over Poland.

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HOUSE – is a brand of youth, creativity and courage, inspiring to find an own, unique style. Created for people with a sense of humor who value authenticity and comfort in fashion. If you love good fun and the latest trends, then we are for you!

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