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Good news for everyone who couldn’t wait for Sinsay’s launch campaign, it’s finally started. “I’m good but not an angel” is the main claim of the campaign dedicated to those girls who like to create their own unique style while playing with fashion and Sinsay’s designs.

Sinsay’s first photo shoot took place in Alicante, Spain on the sandy beaches, among the exotic greenery and on the city’s quaint streets where the photos for the spring-summer 2013 campaign were taken.

„The campaign is dedicated to those girls who aren’t afraid of experimenting with fashion and who knowingly create their image, easily switching between romantic and naughty looks. We wanted to show the bold juggling of various styles, from subtle romanticism to laid-back street fashion, to rock madness” – says Marta Ożóg-Orzegowska, Sinsay Brand Manager.

The opening campaign features the rising stars of fashion modelling: Krysia Ziółek and Julia Borawska. Julia was recently photographed for the premiere issue of the Polish edition of Harper’s Bazaar, she has also worked with Elle and Pani magazines and appeared on the cover of VIVA! Moda.

The project also involved the well-known stylist and blogger, Areta Szpura , known for working with such brands as H&M. Areta is also the co-founder of Local Heroes streetwear brand known for their printed T-shirts, including the famous „Doing real stuff sucks” motto. The photos were taken by a young and promising photographer Karol Grygoruk whose pictures have been published in various magazines such as „Exklusiv”, „Pani” and „Vice”. The make-up for the shoot was designed by Zofia Krasuska-Kopyt.

The clothes and accessories from the opening collection will be available in stores in March and Sinsay’s online store opens in late April early May so you can expect some more exciting premieres by Sinsay in the coming weeks.


Sinsay responds to the needs of its customers by offering them the latest trends at attractive prices. The variety of our collection allows you to freely create fashionable styles for any occasion. We design lines that are a daily source of inspiration for teenagers and young women, as well as men who prefer a casual urban style. Among the brand's proposals there are also comfortable and functional clothes for mothers as well as charming products and accessories for children. Sinsay's offer is complemented by interior design elements and a line of cosmetics for make-up and care.


Magdalena Szcześniak-Ambroziak
Marketing SiNSAY
tel.: +48 798 805 566

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