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RESERVED inspires with new trends for spring - summer 2013. The face of the latest campaign is the “it” girl in demand – Cara Delevingne.

The face of the latest campaign is the “it” girl in demand – Cara Delevingne. This young, beautiful and temperamental model is considered one of the most influential people of the present-day fashion world. She has been modeling for the biggest designers. Chanel, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana or Stella McCartney, they all sent her on the catwalk. The photo shoot took place in tropical atmosphere of Florida, in the hot streets of Miami. The perfect looks of the model, beautiful and fierce 20-year-old, matched the latest collection perfectly and gave the campaign a total look. The latest collection is now in stores.

Take a look at our photos from backstage. Enjoy!
The photo shoot took place in Miami. First 3 days on the location was the time to prepare the sets, before Cara Delevingne showed up. The session with the model started on Thursday and ended up on Saturday.

The atmosphere on the set was creative but also laid back. The results of the photo session are beautiful pictures taken by the members of the fashion crew, the same crew that has been doing many of the fantastic previous campaigns for the brand.

"The atmosphere on set was amazing. Cara is full of energy. She has an exceptionally beautiful looks and a character to match it. She’s been working with the camera wonderfully and she made as laugh with all her adorable faces." – says Agnieszka Łabuszewska, brand manager of RESERVED.

The work on set was quite exhausting. Despite the long working days you couldn’t tell a thing by the always fresh looks of the model. After those sessions the members of the crew were convinced of Cara’s amazing modeling credentials.
Miami made a really good impression on Adam Babinek - the art director of the brand, who spent almost two weeks there working on the set. “Miami is a beautiful city with big potential. My job was to find the perfect surroundings to present the latest collection, so I had a chance to see quite a lot of it .What charmed me the most was the big attention put to details in the local architecture… and also maybe one Italian restaurant, where we were having delicious dinners surrounded by lively and energetic atmosphere”.

Cara Delevingne is an energetic tornado. In-between the shoots she was constantly making funny faces. That, combined with the high spirits of the crew, created a laid back atmosphere on the set. Sometimes we had to watch the timetable even more rigorously, because all the fun made the shootings this much longer.

"I’m not surprised that Cara is such a popular and respected model, because she works with the camera so vigorously. She is very much aware of her modeling credentials, and that gives her confidence to show all the emotions that one needs for a great photo. Cara, the locations we chose in Miami and the whole crew involved in a photo shoot made us feel as if we were making a production for the world’s most conceptual designers." – says photographer Mateusz Stankiewicz, AFPHOTO, the master behind the lenses.

During the photo shoot also a film was recorded, that is now being cut to an amazing commercial. Watch this space!
The spring – summer 2013 collection is the first one of the new “Be Inspired” concept. With this new project people who stand behind the RESERVED label encourage everyone to look for inspirations, be creative in all the aspects of their lives and let others know about it through fashion. 

Download campaign photos:

Additional information:

RESERVED is a clothing brand whose women's, men's and children's collections are available in 10 European markets. The very first showroom under the brand was opened in Poland in the mid-1990s. Up till today more than 330 showrooms have been established whose customers can find clothes of quality and latest design. RESERVED is also involved in promotion of gifted designers. Hence it emphasizes its being a brand for those who value world trends at reasonable price.


For more information please contact:

Agata Krajewska
Koordynator ds. PR RESERVED
mobile: +48 571 448 303

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