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CROPP and FRUGO continue their successful cooperation established in the summer. After the SUMMER MISSION the brands hit on another wild idea.

This time they invite you to the GRAFFITI ZONE – touring street art workshops that will hit the road on 12 October.

For two weeks, in selected CROPP stores in 8 cities you will have the opportunity to improve your graffiti skills under the guidance of specialists in this extraordinary tagging school. The team of graffiti art teachers will demonstrate how to create your own graphic art, and each tag will be thoroughly practised with the use of sprays, markers and templates. The paints used during the workshops will not be just any paints because they will look like… FRUGO.

Young graffiti artists will have the chance to take their work home - in the form of a photograph of them and their work - and show it off to their friends. What is more there will be fantastic prizes and gadgets awarded to the authors of the most interesting works by the jury of CROPP and FRUGO.
That’s not all that is going to happen in the CROPP & FRUGO GRAFFITI ZONE. The windows of CROPP stores will undergo a spectacular metamorphosis under the markers of real street artists and everyone will have a chance to put in their pennyworth – or rather stroke – to the great painting.

And there is still more going on! In the GRAFFITI ZONE you will also have the chance to have fun and play the ‘Frugo’ version of draughts and caps and even spin the bottle. All of that to the sounds of music played on a gramophone, and with a large dose of humour. CROPP and FRUGO invite you to visit the graffiti event or, if you cannot come, to see the photos on the Facebook profiles of both brands.


12.10. Kraków, Galeria Krakowska
13.10. Kraków, Galeria Bonarka
15.10. Katowice, C.H. Silesia
16.10. Bytom, C.H. Plejada
18.10. Wrocław, Galeria Dominikańska
19.10. Wrocław, Pasaż Grunwaldzki
21.10. Poznań, Stary Browar
23.10. Szczecin, Galeria Kaskada
25.10. Gdańsk, Galeria Bałtycka
27.10. Warsaw, Pasaż Marszałkowska

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Additional information:

CROPP is a clothing brand for the young individuals who are open-minded and world-curious, who show their point of view and manifest their independence through their clothes. The collections mark out with their youthful design inspired by the street art, urban sport disciplines and music. CROPP is the urban brand that feels best in the street, clubs, everywhere the young people want to show their style and original idea to show themselves off. 

For more information contact:

Lidia Sambor
Project Manager
Marketing Cropp,
Ph. +48 665 850 043

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