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As part of the urban gallery known as Urban Forms in the centre of Łódź, one of the most spectacular murals in Poland is being created.

A gigantic, 20-metre painting is being created by internationally known street artists – OS GEMEOS and ARYZ, and their extraordinary work is actively supported by the CROPP label.

The second edition of the Urban Forms Festival begins on 24 August. Until the end of September, for more than a month, the greatest artists of the global street scene will embellish the walls of five tenements in the centre of Łódź with large-format murals.

The greatest undertaking and, simultaneously, the inauguration of the event will be a mural created by two artists well known to all fans of street art – the Brazilians OS GEMEOZ and a Spaniard performing under the pseudonym Aryz, who last year created one mural in Łodź. The three of them, with the support and under the auspices of CROPP, known for its love of street culture, have already started on a 20-metre mural.

The outcome of their work – a gigantic, colourful picture combining the characteristic styles of the artists – will be available for viewing on the side façade of the building at ul. Roosevelta 5 in Łódź – about 20 metres from ul. Piotrkowska.

OS GEMEOZ, twin brothers from Sao Paulo, are currently one of the most influential street artists in the world. They are best known for painting characteristic yellow figures, and one such figure has already appeared on a tenement in Łódź. The works of ARYZ, originating from Barcelona, are equally colourful – they feature monsters, zombies and various bizarre creatures. Together the artists create an explosive mix, the result of which will certainly go down in history as one of the most important works of street art not only in Poland, but also globally.  

At the time of the festival, which has already been hailed by Graffiti Art Magazine as one of the best 5 street art festivals in the world, 5 large murals will be created as part of the Gallery and signed by the most famous names. These will complement the 17 existing murals, and by the end of the year, the whole Urban Forms Gallery will have more than 20 large-format paintings on the façades of buildings in the centre of the city. 

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CROPP is a clothing brand for the young individuals who are open-minded and world-curious, who show their point of view and manifest their independence through their clothes. The collections mark out with their youthful design inspired by the street art, urban sport disciplines and music. CROPP is the urban brand that feels best in the street, clubs, everywhere the young people want to show their style and original idea to show themselves off. 

For more information contact:

Lidia Sambor
Project Manager
Marketing Cropp,
Ph. +48 665 850 043

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