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Together with the latest House collection, comfortable, warm and fashionable booties, winter boots and lineman's boots in which you can boldly step out in the cooler, autumn weather have arrived in our label’s stores.

The autumn and winter HOUSE footwear collection includes suede and leather booties and boots in autumn colours, in classic black, navy blue and warm shades of plum. Among this footwear ideal for the warmer, early autumn you can still see some summer flashes – there are the ever-trendy jazz shoes, simple ballet shoes, kiltie oxfords as well as the Lord's – perfectly-known to every fashionista – which look great, especially in their snakeskin version.

Dominant, however, are warmer boots (suitable for rainy and bad weather) above the ankle and up to your knees, both in casual as well as more feminine and elegant versions. The collection includes heavy, engineer's boots with buckles, high-laced boots on a platform or a low but chunky heel with a thick, rubber sole, or winter boots on high, profiled heels. There is also a HOUSE version of the high-top or platform sneakers, which broke records for popularity in the summer. The autumn version, however, is a bit more moderate.

The collection would be incomplete without clear wooden and rubber elements combined with leather and suede, or inspirations with climbing boots, especially in terms of the lacing, which you can find not only in lineman's boots but also in the more feminine, high-heeled booties. As in every autumn, sheepskin and fur come back stamping out the rhythm, lining the insides of shoes, tongues or folded down tops of booties and winter boots.

The men's collection is dominated by heavy boots inspired by work and trekking footwear – ankle-high, on a thick, rubber sole, in autumn colours: from a characteristic combination of an almost yellow brown colour with black elements, to navy blue, dark browns and black. Because of the weather, instead of a thin fabric sole, classic flats have a thick leather sole whilst some are additionally padded with a warm sheepskin.

The autumn/winter footwear collection is waiting for your autumn walks around HOUSE stores.

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HOUSE – is a brand of youth, creativity and courage, inspiring to find an own, unique style. Created for people with a sense of humor who value authenticity and comfort in fashion. If you love good fun and the latest trends, then we are for you!

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