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08.03Sophisticated Elegance. Occasion Collection 2024

The MOHITO spring collection is the epitome of elegance, making it a perfect choice for special occasions - from weddings to other significant events of the season.

White and blue, as the main colors of the collection, reflect freshness and lightness, while also being fully in line with current trends.The MOHITO designers have opted for elegant shapes and airy fabrics that perfectly match the atmosphere of important celebrations. Dresses with a subtle floral print evoke a sense of lightness and airiness. Blue-color outfits seem exceptionally feminine. Finally, jumpsuits and matching sets in light shades are synonymous with class and chic.

Interestingly, the collection also includes one-of-a-kind ideas for the bridal looks - a fitted mini dress or a gown with a flared, tulle bottom and decorative beads. A white suit is another proposal that stands as an unusual yet very stylish alternative to the traditional wedding dress. It's a bold choice for women who value modernity and simplicity.

The collection is complemented by unique accessories - beaded bags, elegant sandals, and stilettos. With such ornamental accessories, every look gets a festive character.

Sophisticated Elegance is the essence of timeless elegance. Here, each outfit tells its own story. Discover it and let every celebration be special, with memories that stay with you forever! 

model – Loreen Monee / MGM Models
photography – Michał Magiera / MOHITO 
photography assistant – Martyna Kaszyńska / MOHITO
retouch – Katarzyna Grabecka / MOHITO
videography – Mariusz Różowski / MOHITO
hair & make-up – Patrycja Piechówka / MOHITO
styling – Paulina Zagórska / MOHITO
production – Agnieszka Dutkiewicz / MOHITO
creative concept – Patrycja Piechówka, Kaja Wojtyga i Marceli Zwierzyński / MOHITO
content production manager – Jagoda Komenda / MOHITO
visual communication director – Justyna Para / MOHITO

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