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17.01Heartbeats. Valentine's Day Collection 2024

Love blossoms in MOHITO Valentine's Day collection! The main theme is the symbol of lovers - the heart, showcased through elegant back cutouts or dazzling embellishments. The vivid pink hues instantly transport you to a romantic realm.

The Heartbeats collection dresses are designed to celebrate women's elegance in a unique manner. From a romantic black mini dress featuring a heart-shaped back cutout to a sensuous and refined dress with a heart-shaped neckline, each piece is a testament to feminine allure.

The collection also includes the epitome of femininity with most stylish outfits. Whether it's a knit set with a crop top and a midi skirt in fashionable pink, or a blouse adorned with silver details, or a mini skirt of the same motif, these pieces ensure an effortlessly elegant and subtle look. The collection wouldn't be complete without a statement suit, featuring a tie-front blazer and pink trousers for a bold power look.

Unusual accessories play a crucial role too. Heart-shaped bags, pumps with a glamorous  heart, and shimmering jewelry add a final touch to the Valentine's Day outfits.

The Heartbeats collection is more than clothing. It is a story that creates a unique atmosphere for the celebration of love!

model – Samela Gois Da Silva / Body London 
photography – Magdalena Pietruszka / MOHITO 
photography assistant – Michał Magiera / MOHITO 
retouch – Katarzyna Grabecka, Dominika Zięba / MOHITO 
videography – Mariusz Różowski / MOHITO 
hair & make-up – Katarzyna Tarnowiecka / MOHITO 
styling – Paulina Zagórska/ MOHITO 
styling assistant – Anna Koczarjan / MOHITO 
production – Agnieszka Dutkiewicz / MOHITO 
creative concept – Patrycja Piechówka, Kaja Wojtyga i Marceli Zwierzyński / MOHITO 
content manager – Jagoda Komenda / MOHITO 
visual communication director – Justyna Para / MOHITO 

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