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03.11Christmas Tale. Winter 2023

Unusual, memorable moments with loved ones are worth to be cherished in style. The latest MOHITO collection blends a festive and refined character with a modern perspective on elegance. It was designed for extraordinary women who wish to mark their presence, whether stepping out for a lavish party with friends or enjoying a heartwarming family gathering.

The mood captured in Christmas Tale is full of opulence, yet refined. Each look from the collection is a head-turner. The monochromatic suits stand out — whether it's the burgundy velvet one or the black sequin-encrusted one. Lace maxi dresses, as well as a blouse and pants set, embody femininity. Their deep black hue makes these styles ideal for evening-time occasions. Even delicate ruffles or frills show an elegant flair, as they adorn sensual dresses and blouses.

The collection is complemented by pink elements – a shirt-style blouse, a ruffled sweater, and a teddy coat. Paired with burgundy velvet pants or a skirt, these pastel styles create a balanced look in a captivating color combination.

Finally, accessories play a vital role in Christmas Tale. The elaborately adorned bags are sure to be conversation starters. Pointed-toe heels with ankle ties not only accentuate the legs but also add an elegant touch to the entire outfit.

As the year draws to a close, make a statement with MOHITO’s timeless pieces that beautifully intertwine tradition with contemporary feel. Let each outfit be a reflection of your uniqueness and the joy of celebration. 

model – Michalina Wojciechowska / Discovery 
model – Alma Canne / MGM Models 
photography – Magdalena Pietruszka / MOHITO 
photography – Michał Magiera / MOHITO 
retouch – Dominika Zięba / MOHITO 
videography – Michał Palikot
movement director – Michał Gerlach
hair & make-up – Katarzyna Tarnowiecka / MOHITO 
styling – Natasza Bigos / MOHITO 
production – Agnieszka Dutkiewicz / MOHITO
creative concept – Patrycja Piechówka, Kaja Wojtyga i Marceli Zwierzyński / MOHITO 
content manager – Jagoda Komenda / MOHITO
visual communication director – Justyna Para / MOHITO

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