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11.09Golden Autumn 2023

Between carefree summer and harsh winter, fashion reveals its elegant face. The Golden Autumn collection embodies the essence of feminine urban chic. Comprising silhouettes perfect for the transitional season – rom dawn to dusk – the collection captivates with its thoughtful forms, expressive colors, and inventive details.

The character of the Golden Autumn collection is defined by contrasts. On one hand, it draws from traditional tailoring and masculine influences, evident in the sturdy outerwear with generous cuts. On the other hand, it doesn't lack feminine and extraordinary details. Blouses and dresses crafted from lightweight fabrics softly embrace the body, while striking bows at the neckline or open backs give a great wow effect! 

MOHITO also experiments with various cuts and lengths. A short skirt showing your legs can be stylishly paired with a cover-up long-sleeve blouse. Meanwhile, a comfortable outfit featuring an oversized sweater dress takes on a sensual character when put together with ultra-high stiletto boots. 

What's most enchanting about the collection is its homage to the colors of golden autumn. Its palette features radiant, optimistic colors – yellow, orange, or plum. These warm, vibrant accents are complemented by a neutral palette of grays, muted whites, and nude shades. Additionally, there's no shortage of pleasant-to-touch textures or refined prints such as the classic black and white houndstooth check. 

MOHITO proves that it's worth caring for pragmatic autumn outfits – you can still look stunning and alluring without any compromises! 

model – Barbora Uhrova / Model Plus 
photography – Michał Magiera / MOHITO 
retouch – Dominika Zięba / MOHITO 
videography – Mariusz Różowski / MOHITO 
hair & make-up – Patrycja Piechówka / MOHITO 
styling – Paulina Zagórska / MOHITO 
production – Kornelia Kubera / MOHITO
concept – Patrycja Piechówka, Kaja Wojtyga i Marceli Zwierzyński / MOHITO 
content manager – Jagoda Komenda / MOHITO
visual communication director – Justyna Para / MOHITO




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