The A/W 13-14 RESERVED denim collection follows the grunge/punk autumn trend. Denim is presented in its authentic, naturally washed-out form. The designers refer to the raw beauty of nature and spaces untouched by civilization. The collection would not be complete without denim classics, vintage style and cowboy style.

Jeans for women:

The collection is based on regular and slim-fit trousers made from faded denim, simple knee-length skirts, shirts and jackets in the classic jeans shade.

Typical motifs include combinations of ecological leather, coatings, grey-graphite washed-out colours in the grunge style, worn-out fabrics or holes. Very important details include ornaments of jets, studs and stones, e.g. a jacket with shoulder pads made of stones, chains and brads.

Important items in the collection include: a denim shirt combined with checked fabric or other materials (e.g. black lace), a denim jacket with sleeves made of ecological leather, denim overalls, a fur-trimmed vest and a denim jacket with black fringes.

Jeans for men:

Jeans for men are a classic offered in authentic, naturally faded denim in various shades from dark navy blue to classic denim blue. These shades have been supplemented with colour denim – washed-out curry and maroon. This season the collection includes also greys and graphites. Colour appears on finishings and turned-up linings.

Apart from traditional denim products, Reserved clients have the option to choose from pieces made of worn-out fabric with coating, holes or leather details.

The latest collection, apart from the regular straight 5-pocket trousers, also includes fitted slims, classic chinos and low-cut “TAPERED” models. The collection is completed by the classic blue and made from various colour blocks denim shirts, hooded sweatshirts and vests, all key items of current trends.