Welcome to Miami!

MOHITO Spring-Summer 2014

Miami – city of luxury. City where you can grab the most unreal dreams with your hand. City where a story of passion between a man and a woman is set among the scyscrapers and exclusive yachts. The story in which they both consciously take part, basing on mutual fascination and self confidence. Even if their chances seem equal, there is no dubt who holds all the cards...

Collection Spring-Summer 2014 is a triumph of construction and vivid colors in sporty elegance. The core, set with trends presented during the most important SS 2014 fashion shows, is interpreted in unique vision of femininity by MOHITO. Cut outs and perforations show glimpses of curves, short tops draw attention to the waist and tiny shorts expose the length of legs. Color set is classic but modern black and white, again, complemented by MOHITO accents: strong orange and gold.

The new image campaign was set by the group I LIKE PHOTO. Marcin Kempski, sought-after Polish photographer who has already cooperated with MOHITO, made the magic with camera. He, like no one else, can catch the femininity, self confidence and energy – everything which our brand believe in when each and every collection is created, and what should be shown in the photos. Pictures make the sketch of a story developed in a promoting film. All the filmed scenes took place in Miami.

The campaign and presentation of trends will launch the internet, press and social media: Facebook profile of the brand, Instagram, Pinterest and the official MOHITO blog.

The collection is already partially avialable in our stores. The rest of it will be succesively taking place on the shelves and hangers throughout the season.