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CROPP is launching the new campaign promoting its autumn collection. After many other cities that featured in CROPP campaigns, this time the team travelled to Toronto, where the latest photo shoots, film and lookbooks for the coming season were staged.

After the summer visit to Taipei, this time CROPP sent its people to the other end of the globe, to Canada, the country of hockey, maple syrup and very kind people. Even though the members of the CROPP team are perhaps less polite than your average Canadian, they still managed to work well in Toronto’s contemporary city landscape.

The session, however, managed to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, focusing on a very relaxed and lazy atmosphere set against the modern silhouette of Toronto, but more than anything on its dark alleys, graffiti-covered walls and old school neon lights. The photos feature a group of friends who hang around the city, in empty parking lots, fenced off basketball grounds; sitting around on curbs and fire escape stairs, taking the subway, and altogether killing time having a great time in one another’s company.

The author of the autumn session is Stanisław Boniecki, known for his travel photos in various distant corners of the world. There is also a video, created by the team responsible for the latest, summer CROPP films: Florian Malak, director and Kamil Potocki, operator. Additionally, they took care of the CROPP lookbooks, which present the brand’s standard styles for the autumn collection.

The models were styled by Dorota Boruń, with make-up by Marianna Jurkiewicz. Jakub Borkowski, artistic director of the brand, managed the entire new session.

Both the branding photos, film and lookbooks can be found on the web page, refreshed for the new season at and various other social media channels, and the clothes for the latest, autumn collection have already arrived in CROPP salons across Poland.

Download campaign photos:

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