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The new CROPP spring campaign is another part of the cycle inspired by the spirit of the largest, most original global metropolises. The leading motif of the spring campaign is one of the Asian tigers, modern capitals of trade & technology with their continuing frenzy of haste and hurry. Pulsating energy, passion for life and appetite for adventure in a group of friends dominate the materials that promote the new and exciting coming season in CROPP.

Each CROPP campaign is a journey in search of the unique spirit of a city. This time the CROPP team travelled to Taiwan to experience the essence of its extraordinary, modern metropolis - Taipei. After tropical and exotic Bangkok, presented in last year’s collection, the time has come to explore the Asian capital of technology and industry. Taipei is a dense and intense city. During the day it pulsates with the 2.5 million lives of its residents and at night it hypnotizes tourists and passers-by with its multiple neon lamps of shot bars and hot rhythms of karaoke clubs. It is an ideal place for groups of urban guerrillas who feel so much better in a concrete jungle than in a quiet seaside or mountain resort.

The campaign owes its unique atmosphere to the talents and involvement of director Florian Malak, photographer Łukasz Ziętka and their work team, who managed to capture the essence of the trading capital of Taiwan with the help of a group of models ready to truly immerse themselves in the city. This is how Taipei has become the heart of CROPP’s spring collection, which can be summarized as having three leading themes: the spirit of the metropolis, modernity and epic moments experienced in a group of friends.

The new multichannel CROP SPRING 2014 campaign is the fruit of their labour and is now being communicated in the brand’s shops and the largest social networking portals. The campaign comprises the lookbook of the collection, films in the music video format, and an extraordinary photo shoot with striking looking models at its centre. The artistic concept has been overseen by Kuba Borkowski, Artistic Director of the CROPP brand.

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