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CROPP’s autumn advertising campaign has just begun. This time we have decided to focus on the rivalry between a group of mad girls and nasty boys. You will find an old-school atmosphere and tuned-up cars – all presented against a background of Hamburg’s industrial scenery in still photographs, a music video and an unusual lookbook.

Every CROPP campaign – as befits an urban brand – is set in an individualistic urban environment. For our latest autumn campaign we decided to choose Hamburg – a city with a unique industrial waterfront charm, and with scenery ideal for the young CROPP people who love to swim against the tide. Our protagonists, as usual, differ from models appearing in “standard” clothes brand campaigns.

They are a group of girls and boys who compete with one another, for example by driving old-school tuned BMW 5-series cars at high speed around deserted corners of the port of Hamburg. The results of this crazy group of people’s visit to Hamburg are image photos and the latest lookbook. It is an unusual lookbook since the CROPP autumn collection was photographed against the background of an old-school garage and in a junkyard whose glory days have long gone. Moreover, the campaign photos owe their extraordinary look to some tricks with pixels and graphics, which bring to mind the 8-bit computer games of the 1990s.

The photos for the new campaign were taken by Łukasz Ziętek. The crazy games and “fights” between the Mad Girls and Nasty Boys were also immortalised in a movie by Kuba Łubniewski, author of, for example, the famous video “W aucie” by Sokół & Pono, as well as the director of many other Polish hip hop videos. The Warsaw agency SHOOTME was responsible for production.

Additionally, a new version of the website has been created for the purposes of the campaign, whilst the brand's marketing specialists are organising a series of road shows around Poland as well as a new communication campaign on Facebook. The artistic concept of the entire campaign was developed by the CROPP Art Director, Kuba Borkowski. 

Download campaign photos:

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