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HOUSE is launching its new autumn promotional campaign. This time the autumn collection has been presented with modern and vibrant Berlin in the background.

The city is featured in the campaign video and photos and on the new version of the brand’s website.

In its latest campaign HOUSE continues to present the intimate relationship of a couple of people playing together in a city. The protagonists are a pair of individualists, each of whom has their own passion – she loves music and dancing, he is fond of movement and cycling. This time the nature of the photos reflects the impressionist climate of the session – romantic pictures and video clips accompany the campaign, in which the protagonists wander around the city, discovering its secrets and charm.

The author of the pictures for the campaign is photographer Rałał Milach (AFPHOTO). His faded, yet very clear pictures represent the aesthetics typical of HOUSE, revisiting various elements of the city - a petrol station, narrow streets or the roof of a city house on which the protagonists have a picnic. They are full of movement and dynamics, fast bicycle riding and "dancing" on city corners.

The dynamics of the campaign are best reflected by the campaign video. It is directed and shot by Bart Pogoda (AFPHOTO), whose wonderful takes are a perfect match for the music by Krystian Wołowski, known for Dick 4 Dick, Emma Dax and D4D. Together, they create the dynamic impression of an urban jungle and good fun.

The styling for the session was prepared by Marta Kalinowska, while make-up and hair-styling are the work of Gosia Sulima (AFPHOTO). The person responsible for the creative side of the campaign was Maciej Czarnecki, while Grzegorz Chyła, the Brand Manager, looked after the entire project.

As usually, the campaign is accompanied by a new version of the website, where you will find the video clip, the campaign photos and the brand’s latest lookbook.

Download campaign photos:

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