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In its latest summer campaign, HOUSE continues its story from the spring of two people spending a lazy summer in sunny San Francisco. The label has prepared a summer version of the House website, pictures and a new video clip.

The next part of the “San Fran” campaign continues the story of the young people with whom we discover the romantic sights of San Francisco. The couple exchange the old-school Mercury for bicycles and start sightseeing the city without haste. The Californian summer trip ends with an afternoon spent in the area of the Golden Gate Bridge and a romantic evening with the sun setting over Ocean Beach.

The summer campaign is the work of the same team who was responsible for the HOUSE image this spring. Once again, the image photos were taken by Rafał Milach, a recognized photographer and a winner of many awards. Since the pictures continue the spring story, they are full of the California sun and vintage atmosphere, which not only makes these photos unique and truly holiday-like, but also makes a perfect background for the HOUSE summer collection.

The campaign video was directed by Marcin Filipowicz, while the director of photography was Michał Dąbal, who lives and works in Los Angeles. As in the previous part, the slow action of the film is accompanied by perfect music by Krystian Wołowski.
The session stylist was Marta Kalinowska, while make-up and hair styling for the models - Alex and Josh - were taken care of by Gosia Sulima. The entire work, produced by AF Photo, was supervised by Maciek Czarnecki, responsible for the creation and image.

The film and pictures may be found on the refreshed summer version of the website, which also presents the label’s lookbooks and the latest holiday trends.

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