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CROPP continues traveling to big cities in the latest spring campaign. This time the star of "CITY RULEZ" is exotic Bangkok, where a group of young individualist-adventurers is on a journey.

In the next instalment of "CITY RULEZ", the CROPP team took off on a long journey to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. The protagonists of the campaign are, as usual, characteristically young people, each of them having their own passions and different outlooks on what's happening around them. Although they're different from each other, they have lots of fun together discovering the unknown parts of Bangkok.

Thanks to this diversity, CROPP isn't focused on only one guiding thread, but shows the many aspects of Bangkok as seen through the eyes of the campaign's protagonists. Besides graffiti there are cruiser boards, instant photos, tattoos and gallons of colourful, splashing paint in the pictures, all this in a tangle of street cables and city lights.

The photographer is once again Łukasz Ziętek, who marvellously combined the colourful and daring CROPP atmosphere with tropical and exotic Bangkok locales. The result of the photo shoot isn’t just a visual portfolio, but also a spring lookbook and a carefully published CROPP brandbook documenting the trip to Thailand and presenting clothes from the latest collection.

"After last year's photo shoot in Istanbul, we discovered a huge potential in Asia," says Julian Chmielewski, CROPP Marketing Project Coordinator. "For us the Asian locales aren't just an exotic touristy place, but most of all a metropolitan jungle, in which our heroes must face a multitude of new feelings and experiences. We decided to show this urban, tropical climate through pictures and video."

For the purposes of the campaign, a film was also made whose creator is Kuba Łubniewski, known for directing music videos for artists like WWO, Tede czy Sokół and Pono (the music video for the song "W aucie" is his work). Production was taken care of by the SHOOTME agency, once again working together with CROPP.

The make-up for the shoot was done by Zofia Krasuska-Kopyt while the stylist is Dorota Boruń. Kuba Borkowski, the CROPP Art Director, supervised the conception of the art as a whole.

Video and pictures from Bangkok are the main elements in the new version of the website, prepared by the Engine agency from Sopot that has been continuously working together with the brand. CROPP is also planning activities to develop the campaign and the next, totally new instalment, announced for the summer season. 

Download campaign photos:

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